What is a Courier?

Couriers are specialty package delivery services that focus on local, high-speed delivery services. For the most part, couriers will only specialize in small parcels, envelopes, and small, specialized packages. You need to inquire with your local carrier about the specifications required to send out a box because they may not take the work.

What services Use Couriers?

Direct Messenger Sunrise Fl Legal – Many legal documents and confidential papers will need to be transferred between law offices and courts on a daily basis. Don’t drive it yourself.

Medical – People in the medical industry who cannot simply fax an x-ray or patient documents might need to transfer information quickly in between facilities.

Urgency – Sometimes you just need to get something to someone in as little as a few hours. Maybe it’s a term paper. Maybe it’s a kids backpack at school.

Should I get a Courier or a Carrier?

courier service in hialeahCouriers are Faster. That’s the only answer you need to hear. Couriers will get your package delivered in less than two hours if it’s what you need. People who need couriers are people who cannot afford to wait while USPS, UPS, or FedEx molests their stuff in transit.

That’s the other thing, the courier you hand it off too is the only person in between you and the person it is being delivered too. No x-rays, no government inspections and taking apart the contents before putting them back inside. Discretion is an important part of a couriers life.

Direct Messenger Services in Miami Beach

There’s a reason why we are called the DIRECT messenger service, and that’s because you deal with me, Jeffrey Bass. If you ever have any questions at all, give me a call. I can pick up the phone as fast as our deliveries. If you would like to learn more about our services or our abilities to deliver packages in record times, please give me a call right now!